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First-time driver installationThis section is for users who have not installed an AD1812 evaluationboard in their system before. If this applies to you, please follow thisprocedure.1. Confirm that the AD1812 evaluation board is jumper-configured tooperate in PnP mode by inspecting the JP10 jumper. The left and centerpins should be shorted by the jumper to select PnP mode.2. Insert the board into a free ISA-bus expansion slot in your computer.3. Power up the computer and start Win95. Win95 will notify you that ithas detected new hardware and will try to configure resources for it.4. When prompted by the Win95 Device Manager, insert the driverinstallation disk in your floppy drive and click "Ok". If the DeviceManager complains that it can't locate any of the required files, makesure that it is looking for them on your floppy drive! If you get sucherror, simply type in the path to your floppy drive and click "Ok".5. Device Manager will install drivers for the first three of the fiveAD1812 logical devices and then request a system restart. This isnormal and required. Click "Yes" to restart Windows.6. After the restart, Device Manager will go to work again and installdrivers for the remaining two AD1812 devices.NOTE: The 5th and last logical device is the Modem logical device.If the AD1812 has been configured on your board to support PnP foran external modem chipset, his device configures as a standard COMport by Win95.7. You're done.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Disabling the AD1812 logical devicesAfter installation is completed, you may want to disable AD1812 deviceswhich you do not intend to use in order to free up their resources forother devices.To disable a particular AD1812 device, perform the following steps:1. Open the Windows 95 Control Panel.2. Open the "System" applet.3. Click on the "Device Manager" tab.4. Scroll down to the "Sound, video, and game controllers" device class.5. Double-click the device class to show all devices in this class.6. Double-click the device you want to disable to bring up its PropertyPage.7. In the "Device Usage" pane of the "General" tab of the device's PropertyPage, uncheck all configurations listed.8. Click "Ok".Note that disabling a device by this procedure is not the same as"Removing" the device using the "Remove" button of the "Device Manager"."Removing" a device unloads its drivers, and then breaks the associationbetween the device's PnP hardware ID key and the drivers in the SystemRegistry. Subsequently, restarting Win95 will cause the ConfigurationManager to re-establish the association in the System Registry based oninformation retained from the first installation. This is why we "Disable"instead of "Removing".---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mixer32.exe applicationEssentially, all of the AD1812's line and mixing features can becontrolled using Microsoft's Mixer application (speaker icon in the SystemTray). We have also included our own mixer application which has somefeatures you may find useful. For example, our mixer allows you tocustomize the displayed labels for each of the input and record sources.Simply copy MIXER32.EXE to your desktop and it will be ready to use.GAIN CONTROL SLIDERS:* HOME = set gain to zero* END = set gain to full scale* PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN = course gain adjust* UPARROW/DOWNARROW = fine gain adjust* TAB = select next control* ENTER (or double click) = open/close Enhanced View (MasterPlayback & Record Gain control sliders only)* MOUSE CLICK = set gain to current mouse position settinginstantly* MOUSE DRAG = drag gain setting to current mouse positionBALANCE CONTROLS:* HOME = set balance 100% to the right channel* END = set balance 100% to the left channel* INSERT = center the balance* PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN = course balance adjust right/left* RIGHTARROW/LEFTARROW = fine balance control right/left* MOUSE CLICK = set balance to current mouse position instantly* MOUSE DRAG = drag balance to current mouse positionMUTE CONTROLS:* SPACEBAR = toggle mute on/off* MOUSE CLICK = toggle mute on/offFree Download Sound Driver avancethis included:soundcard driver 1812soundcard driver 1815soundcard driver 1816soundcard driver 1845soundcard driver ac97

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