Making backup copies manually

Depending on the version of Windows Vista you have, there are two approaches you can take to back up files: Automatic Backup, which backs up just your files and data; or Complete PC Backup, which backs up everything on your computer, including the operating system and applications.

To access the Backup and Restore Center:


Click Start, and point to Control Panel.


Click System and Maintenance and then click Back up your computer.

Screenshot of Backup and Restore Center

Windows Live OneCare Backup and Restore

Windows Live OneCare is a service from Microsoft that helps protect your computer and provides a built-in backup tool. Windows Live OneCare is currently in beta and is free to try.

Windows XP Professional: Use the built-in Backup utility

If you use Windows XP Professional, you can use the built-in Backup utility to help you make copies of files, settings, or everything on your computer. You can even use the utility to back up certain files on a schedule that you specify. Here's how to start using the Backup utility:


Click Start, and point to All Programs.


Point to Accessories, and then point to System Tools.


Click Backup.

If you've never used the Backup utility, the first screen you will see is the Backup or Restore Wizard welcome window. Click Next and follow the instructions on the wizard. For a more detailed step-by-step guide to using the wizard,

Windows XP Home Edition: Add the Backup utility

If you're using Windows XP Home Edition and you want to install the Backup utility, you must locate your original Windows XP CD first. Add the Backup utility manually to your computer from the CD by following these steps:


Insert your Windows XP CD into the drive and, if necessary, in My Computer, double-click the CD icon to display the Welcome screen.


On the Welcome to Microsoft Windows XP screen, click Perform Additional Tasks.


Click Browse this CD.


In Windows Explorer, double-click the ValueAdd folder, then Msft, and then Ntbackup.


Double-click Ntbackup.msi to install the Backup utility.

Note: If you bought a computer with Windows XP Home Edition and you don't have the original Windows XP CD, contact the computer's manufacturer or visit the manufacturer's Web site for more information. You can also use separate backup software that you purchase online, at a store, or the

Regardless of what version of Windows you use, you can manually make a backup copy of any file or folder by following these steps:


Right-click the file or folder that you want to back up, and then click Copy from the menu.


Now, in My Computer, you can right-click the disk or external hard drive where you want to store the backup copy, and then click Paste from the menu.

That's it. After you've copied all the information you want to back up onto your chosen storage format, don't forget to keep it protected

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