trick Backup / Restore the Registry

To Backup/Restore the Windows Registry see the tips below :

  1. If you are in MSDOS, at the C:\Windows prompt type
  2. Attrib -s -r -h C:\Windows\System.dat (press Enter)
  3. Attrib -s -r -h C:\Windows\User.dat (press Enter)

To make the backup copies type:

  1. copy C:\Windows\System.dat C:\Windows\System.000 (press Enter)
  2. copy C:\Windows\User.dat C:\Windows\user.000 (press Enter)

To Restore the Registry

  1. copy C:\Windows\System.000 C:\Windows\System.dat (press Enter)
  2. copy C:\Windows\User.000 C:\Windows\user.dat (press Enter)

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