25 Fat, Juicy Keywords

'Tis the season to prepare your web site for an explosive growth in traffic. That's right, the holiday season is fast upon us and people everywhere are letting their mouse do the clicking in search of relevant information about products featured online. Are you ready? If not, you are certainly missing out.
With the holiday season fast approaching and the all important new year sales blitz just around the corner, webmasters are preparing to cash in like never before to capture the greater part of the pay per click revenue spoils. AdSense has some new competition in Chitika and Yahoo’s Publishing Network is really taking off. The following 25 keywords I have identified as giving exceptionally larger than life payouts; adjust your site accordingly to pull in the greatest amount of cash over the next few months. Don’t expect me to share with you actual pay out amounts [they vary, anyway]; I did my homework so now do yours too!

The following are 25 words followed by my comments:

Mesothelioma – Duh. Goes without saying.

Money – give make money and free money a try.

Bextra – also try Bextra lawyer, Bextra Pfizer.

Life insurance – life insurance quote, life insurance rate, term life insurance.

Health insurance – what people need, but few can afford.

Prescription plan – what people need, but few can afford.

Student loan – student loan consolidation is a biggie.

Personal injury attorney –  add in a particular state before the term to narrow things down.

Acne – zits are in, very in.

Timeshare – resell timeshare is popular too.

Mortgages – always a popular term and will be as long as people own houses.

Equity loan – also give home equity loan a try.

Debt consolidation – a perpetual leader. No surprise there!

Lasik – vanity sells!

Face lift – like I said…

Hair loss – more of the same!

Caviar – one of the highest paying foodie keywords.

Canadian pharmacy – always a crowd pleaser.

Elder care – some day we’ll all be there; sooner than you think!

Spyware – a perpetual problem with mass appeal!

Laptop computer – also try notebook computer.

Cell phone – always a competitive area.

VOIP – voice over internet protocol continues to strengthen.

Tax help – as long as there is an IRS…

401k rollover – everyone wants in on the action

So, what does each of these words have in common? Pay outs of two dollars or more per click is possible; much, much higher for some keywords depending on the season and a host of other factors. I identified many other keywords that also are high payers, but left them out on purpose. I shouldn’t have to give away all my secrets now, should I?

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