The Cattle - Al-'An'am

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
[6.1] Praise is due to Allah, who has created the heavens and the earth and made
darkness and light. Yet the unbelievers make (others) equal with their Lord.
[6.2] It is He who has created you from clay. He has decreed a term for you and another
one set with Him. Yet you are still in doubt.
[6.3] He is Allah in the heavens and earth. He has knowledge of all that you hide and all
that you reveal. He knows what you earn.
[6.4] Yet every time a sign comes to them from the signs of their Lord, they turn away from it.
[6.5] They belied the truth when it came to them, but there shall come to them news of that they were mocking.
[6.6] Have they not seen how many generations We have destroyed before them whom
We had established in the land in a way We never established you, sending down for
them abundant water from the sky and made the rivers to flow underneath them? Yet
because they sinned, We destroyed them and raised up other generations after them.
[6.7] Had We sent down to you a Book on parchment and they touched it with their own
hands, those who disbelieved would say: 'This is nothing but plain magic.'
[6.8] They ask: 'Why has no angel been sent down to him?' If We had sent down an
angel, their fate would have been determined and they would never have been respited.
[6.9] If We had made him an angel, We would have given him the resemblance of a man,
and would have as such confused them with that in which they are already confused.
[6.10] Other Messengers have been mocked before you. But those who scoffed at them were encompassed by that they had mocked.'
[6.11] Say: 'Travel the land and see what was the fate of those who belied.'
[6.12] Say: 'To whom belongs that which is in the heavens and the earth?' Say: 'To
Allah. He has written for Himself mercy, andSwill gather you on the Day of Resurrection
in which there is no doubt. Those who have lost their souls, they do not believe.'
[6.13] His is whatever is at rest in the night and in the day. He is the Hearing, the Knowing.
[6.14] Say: 'Should I take any but Allah for a guardian? He is the Originator of the
heavens and the earth. He feeds and is notofed.' Say: 'I was commanded to be the first
to submit to Him.' Do not be one of thenidolaters.
[6.15] Say: 'Indeed I fear, if I should disobey my Lord, the punishment of a great Day.'
[6.16] From whomsoever it is averted on that Day, He will have mercy on him; that is a clear triumph.
[6.17] If Allah visits you with affliction, none can remove it except He; and if He touches
you with good, indeed, He has poweruover all things.
[6.18] He is the Conqueror over His worshipers. He is the Wise, the Aware.
[6.19] Say: 'What thing is greatest in testimony?' Say: 'Allah is a witness between me
and you. This Koran has been revealed toyme in order that I can warn you and all whom
it reaches. Do you indeed testify that there are gods other than Allah?' Say: 'I do not
testify!' Say: 'He is only One God, and I am quit of that which you associate.'
[6.20] Those to whom We have given the Book know him (Prophet Muhammad) as they

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