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file name: video naruto file size: unkown size /13 videos file type: Real media player if you will play the video of naruto you should download Real media player or k-lite, actualy it suitable with real one player because it's formatting rm (realmedia), the video download below no needing splitter tools, so you can play directly after downlaoding it, enjoy.... copy link below to the new browser to download it, use keyboard to copy it by CTRL+C and then paste to the new browser by CTRL+V, don't use mouse, because it's not funtion and happy download:

below the list link:[DB]_Naruto_184_[229A765A].rmvb[DB]_Naruto_188_[C75E7923].rmvb[DB]_Naruto_206_[E009D660].rmvb[DB]_Naruto_191_[E7923CB9].rmvb[DB]_Naruto_219_[AAE3DB21].rmvb[DB]_Naruto_197_[DFB5F598].rmvb[DB]_Naruto_176_[D6659D67].rmvb[DB]_Naruto_192_[B41EC78F].rmvb[DB]_Naruto_201_[0D7733C2].rmvb[DB]_Naruto_218_[69A93375].rmvb

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