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Now you have the opportunity to transform your Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server's interface into a Windows Vista interface. Vista Transformation Pack allows you to change and customize your Start menu, Desktop, and Taskbar.

A lot of skins are available for you to choose from. There also is a docking Sidebar which contains a Memo text feature, clock, organizer, picture slide show. The installation process backs up your original system files, so that they can be completely restored in case you want to go back to the classical Windows GUI.
One of the nice features of this desktop enhancement utility is the battery meter that is displayed on the right side by default. Every gadget that is displayed by default on the sidebar, can be dragged wherever you like on the screen.

Pluses: Windows Vista Transformation Pack is a free product. It adds a customizable new look to your Windows desktop, with little or no intervention from your side.

Drawbacks / flaws: Once installed, it might reduce the speed of your machine and might create system instability. For example, on my computer, sometimes the default user icon that normally shows up in the Start menu, is displayed somewhere in the middle of the screen and remains there until I reboot.

In conclusion: Windows Vista Transformation Pack is an interesting application, with lots of new features just waiting to be put through the test. If you are bored with your Windows XP interface, this software is a definite must-try.

version reviewed: 8.01

Windows Vista Transformation Pack Publisher's Description

-Added "Automatic Transformation" and "I don't want to perform system files transforming" transforming mode options (Safemode required).
-Added Norton Antivirus 2005 compatibility support
-Added Uninstallation Mode like Transformation Mode for better way to handle each case.
-Added Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Pre-SP3 uxtheme.dll hotfix patching support.
-Fixed "Manual Transformation" to run in safe mode only.
-Fixed invalid boot screen resources.
-Fixed SideBar to have no transparency by default.
-Removed obsolete 64-bit patched uxtheme.dll file.
-Updated Aero Style 2.0 visual style.
-Fixed incorrent font name.
-Fixed wrong shellstyle folder name for Aero Style (Glass - Thin TaskBar).
-Updated Aero Style (Glass).
-5059 elements from WinHEC 2005 as listed below.
-Updated FrameMaximized to read CaptionText easier

Longhorn Transformation Pack 10 download free

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