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At one stage the CorelDRAW Graphics suite had the PC graphics world to itself and each year's new release was a major event. Even when its Mac-based rivals FreeHand and Illustrator converted to the PC platform, CorelDRAW had such a head start that there was no real comparison. However, over the years Corel lost its graphics focus and allowed DRAW's rivals to make up lost ground. With Corel's recent forced sale to venture capitalists, DRAW's loyal users want to know whether the suite still has a future. m The emphasis in this latest release is on making DRAW a more intelligent and more helpful drawing environment. As such, top of the new features list is the new Smart Drawing tool. This intelligently guesses the shapes you are trying to create such as circles, triangles and arrows, and automatically straightens sketched lines and smooths curves. From the way that Corel is hyping this, you'd think that the Smart Drawing tool replaces all others and is now the only one you need to produce your designs. In practice though the program can't really second guess what you want to achieve and in most cases correcting its attempts takes far longer than using the existing tools.

download part1

download part2

download part3

download part4

download part5

download part6

after downloading all files, making with one folder and then use this tools for joining all files (files splitter)

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