how to disable prefetch, it will fast booting

sometimes my computer is too late to access some files, and i'm disturbed on it, so i try to break my problem, and finally i ask my friend, who clever about computers and i got it the way, so from that i wanna share with you all for this problem.

for whom not know yet, see and read the articles be carefull but for whom has known it, complete the articles please by your idea.

to make your computers fast and no late again, you can be clean the volume of prefectch:

right klik star menu- C- Windows - prefetch- delete the volume all, see the picture


and if you will disable prefetch and no need delete again like the way above, see details below:

Run regedit -> Hkey Local Machine->System->CurrentControlSet->Control->Session Manager->Memory Management->Prefetch Paramaters

doble klik Prefetch Paramaters and give value 0, To take the effect faster, you should have to reboot or logout from the system, see picture


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