4. Allâh is a Holy Trinity

The belief that Allâh is an element of the tripartite commonly known as “The Holy Trinity.’”

This is a belief held by Christianity alone among all Divine religions. Is it truly supported by the Holy Book or does it refute such a belief? One, who honestly gives thought to what is purported from Christ عليه السلام, will find that the basis of the message of Jesus is a call to Tawheed[1] and a negation of attributing to Allâh the similitudes with His creation. It is stripping away Divine qualities from all else except Allâh and an affirmation that worship belongs to Allâh Alone. Look again closely at the evidence cited in the second and third passages and you will not find any ambiguity or vagueness therein. This is from one point of view. A second is that Christendom has fabricated its claim that Allâh is the third of a co-equal Trinity: The Father being a God; The Son a second; and the Holy Spirit a third.[2] This is incorrect. They believe that the Holy Spirit emanates from the Father and the Son. It is

not possible that each element could be equal and without a beginning if the third proceeded from the two before it! As well, each single element has its own peculiar characteristics which cannot be attributed to the other. Also, the Father is always at the top of the scheme, with the Son after, and the Holy Spirit as the third in order. You would never accept that the Holy Spirit be placed at the fore, with the Son to follow, and the Father as the third. Indeed you would consider this as disbelief and apostasy. So how then can they be at all equal! Looking from even another angle, to even term the Spirit alone as “Holy” points to a lack of equality.

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